IHFOAM was initially developed to simulate numerically all the processes related to coastal engineering. Fully validated and tested against fields measurements or experimental data, it is widely used by scientists and engineers. In a constant development, IHFOAM has now become a more friendly and flexible tool by adding all the known capabilities to a graphical user interface (GUI). Written in C++ and Qt for Ubuntu, it has been designed to work for OpenFoam-v1812. This new capability decreases considerably the learning curve and provides engineers a powerful tool to deal with projects in a visual way.

The aim of IHCantabria is to transmit all their knowledge to users, by creating a sophisticated but very structured and intuitive tool.
To download IHFOAM-GUI for Ubuntu, please use this link.

A tutorial has been created to explain briefly how to install IHFOAM-GUI:
To download IHFOAM-GUI tutorial, please use this link.

You can upgrade OpenFOAM-v1812, by adding the solver for two-phase flow within porous media by means of the VARANS equations (download).

IHFOAM features a GUI (English) which integrates the whole working methodology in an all-in-one environment. It includes

Case Manager:

Create new cases, load cases, save cases.

Mesh Set Up:

Create the mesh (define geometric and numerical domain). Import geometries.
Set physical parameters and define the boundary conditions for each patch. Set initial conditions. Define porous zones.

Numerical Parameters:

Define solver and numerical schemes. Set the simulation parameters. Decompose case if needed. Run the simulation.


Define sensors and gauges to analyse the fields values during the simulation (punctual sensors, line sensors, pressure/force sensors).


Plot in different graphs, the sensors defined in Pre-processing.