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Schedule, Pricing, Booking and Course Details

 The next course will be held at IHCantabria headquartes in Santander (Spain) winter 2017 (date not fixed).

 The course will be delivered in English.

 IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: Participants are requested to bring their own laptops and ensure that they are able to boot using a Live USB.

 Registration fee (taxes not included):

      – Regular: 2500 Euros per attendant.

      – Academia: 2250 Euros per attendant.

Registration includes the live USB distribution and printed course materials. Lunches are not included.

It is possible to attend to the IH2VOF course as well. A discounted registration fee is available:

       – Regular: 3000 Euros per attendant.

       – Academia: 2500 Euros per attendant.

Contents of the four-day course

Introduction to coastal engineering processes.

  • Introduction to numerical modelling of waves and active wave absorption.
  • Start-to-end methodology.
  • Advanced mesh generation with OpenFOAM® native tools.
  • Applications to 2D and 3D processes:
    • Fluid-structure interaction
    • Wave generation and active wave absorption
    • Run-up
  • Mesh deformation and dynamic mesh refinement.
  • Wave interaction with porous structures.
  • Visualize computed results using ParaView® and tailored post-processing tools especially designed for coastal engineering applications.

Learning objectives

 After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Set up, simulate and post-process a large variety of cases.
  • Simulate surf zone hydrodynamics processes and wave interaction with coastal structures including three-dimensional random sea states and considering conventional or non conventional coastal structures.
  • Analyse functionality and stability of coastal structures: wave reflection and transmission, wave run-up on coastal structures, wave dissipation, overtopping discharge, wave induced forces and moments.
  • Apply advanced techniques as mesh movement or mesh refinement.
  • Visualize your results using ParaView® and create videos of them.

What you get

  • IHFOAM-solvers source code
  • IHFOAM-GUI code.
  • New three-dimensional wave generation and active wave absorption boundary conditions source code
  • Detailed step-by-step tutorials
  • Preprocessing tools
  • Universal postprocessing tools (Linux/Mac/Windows)
  • A set of benchmark cases

Teaching staff

 Iñigo J. Losada (Full Profesor, IH Cantabria)

 Javier L.Lara (Associate Researcher, IH Cantabria)

 Maria Maza (PHD Researcher, IH Cantabria)